Sunday, March 24, 2013

Owl Dream

For awhile now I've had pain behind my right eye.  Lately it's gone to the side of my face also. I couldn't sleep.   Pain indicates resistance.  What was I resisting?  I spent a couple of hours figuring that out and it was almost 2am.  Then a "suggestion" popped in to my mind to align my eye with the eye of the owl that was in my dream a few days ago.  I "wore" the white owl wing like a mask over the pain of my face.  Within minutes the pain was gone.
The Owl Dream from March 14
Then the Guardians put in front of me a wing of a White Owl with an Owl Eye at it's shoulder.  The Eye is like a jewel and hypnotic.  They tell me to feed the group with the meat of this owl wing.  I really don't want to.  It's beautiful and feels sacred.  They insist gently that I must and I start to pluck the feathers and cry.  I want to be able to save the Eye.  And I cry at having to deconstruct this beautiful thing....I wake up as I get a call from work to come in early.

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