Sunday, February 10, 2013

Activating the Pineal

February 1 I posted:
Theta Brain Boost with Third Eye Activator
I listened to the hour long video, drifting to sleep and waking up hours later.  A day later I started to have a numb throb at the center of my brain and base of my skull, with some distortion of my sight and hearing.  My dream activity has increased and become more complex.  Today, ten days later, the sensations seem to be settling down. 

Also this week I used the imagery of the Jaguar car as a symbol of Power, Speed, Sleekness and Elegance.  I imagined myself driving the car as I watched the videos.  My energy exploded and over whelmed my system.  I'm taking the day off to allow all this to integrate and am curious to see how it will play out next week.
The last time I used a car as a symbol of visualization I ended up with a red Camero with black glass T-Tops within a month.

PS.Also, when I close my eyes the colors are more vivid.  When I "asked" where I'm at in the scheme of things I instantly found myself floating above the Earth.  It was beautiful.
My dream yesterday was that the Pope and a little girl would exchange places.  Today the news is that the Pope is retiring at the end of the month.  ???

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