Monday, May 15, 2017

Taking the Elevator

They let go of the String to my Balloon.  To keep from floating away I zoned off on the Armani Runway Trance Dance from "Step 5"/May 5.   I think I watched it 5 times till I got it.   Then I watched "Arrival" and realized THEY got it too.

This is how IT is affecting me.  The cottage I just moved from was part of a Dream almost 20 years ago.  When I moved into the RV last month the entire strangeness of it TRIGGERED the Awareness of the ENDING of 5 Dreams.  The Energy of these 5 dreams pointed at my RV tickles.

In the Skelligg Michael Dream there is a stone globe floating in a ring of water.  My mother may pass this week.  Thee is a Black Stone Globe is floating in a Ring of Water in the lobby of her new hospital.  I had never seen it before the dream.  Seeing it triggered  the remembering of  endings of dreams.  They ALL are fitting together like a child's puzzle.  Sandra Bear the Baker says it tastes like a Chocolate Raspberry Tort.  The layers of reality are falling into themselves.

It points to an intelligence that is "decorating" our Time Loop.  When you catch them at it they look at you like a deer in the headlights and they whisp away, leaving bread crumbs like out of a Fairy Tale.  The Armani runway show is one.

When I am on sensory overload my brain shuts down and I disassociate.  One of my tricks to keep from floating away is to walk in circles.  It tricks my brain to stabilize because in a circle there is no end   This week  BROKE  me.  We had Thunder and Lightening that night and the little RV rattled from hail and wind.  I've never disassociated to this degree.  To keep from floating I watched models walk in circles for me on the Armani runway.

After  Trancing Out for 3 days I realized the Metaphor.  The Ending of one Dream was that at the End of the Path, after the Window of Opportunity closes there is a PARTY.    Like the StarWars Party.

After Trancing Out my Awareness  could see how the whole runway event could be used as a metaphor which directs the Brain's Attention.    The Models are going to The Party.  So this this sets the tone for the Gathering..  Each dress is art expressing  the soul of the person wearing it.  These dresses are not clothes that you hang in a closet but your Warrior Shield of who YOU
 are.  It doesn't have to be all matchy with the models, it's just that they set the TONE.    What would YOU wear?  If this Trance Music doesn't move you choose a different background.

That the walk has been slowed WAY down then is synced with this music causes a disconnect.  Beats are used by preachers, casinos and musicians alike to shift your frequency.   This music paired with the floaty walk forces the brain to try to make a logical connection, which creates a "Crack in the Cosmic Egg" (GREAT Book!! too).

The Models walk a circle which is an archetype for Wholeness.  Where you begin you begin again.  What was tricking my brain, however, was from one angle the women were walking in a circle/square then the Angle would shift to where it appeared as a Triangle.  The shift from Solid to Wave then back.  At the Triangle "window" your Brain "Floats Up"....Up the Elevator.

Then I was Aware that every time the music changed it was a metaphor for a different dimension.  Like the old show, "Quantum Leap"  each level was a different layer of a basic story line.  Each time the music changes the designs reflect a different Vibe.  A different Tone, but no matter the Tone ALL are walking the Circle and shifting with the Triangle's point of view.  Each section of music represents a different mindset, ..culture...personality...dimension..time/space.

When viewed as a Ritual the Armani Runway Show can be used as a tool.  The Space within the Circle/Square is what I'm playing with right now as I watch this over and over today.   I think that Space/Time is "caught" in a TimeLoop with the Skellig Michael dream.

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