Monday, May 15, 2017

Dreams and Clues

My Encounter with Good and Evil

Living the Dream

Skelligg Michael Dream


Lucid Dreaming

Lucy in the Sky

Dream of 23


Rune Dream

Mr Politically Correct Dream Man

Lady in Beige

Dog or God

White Rabbit

Ascension Dream

Dream School

Owl Dream
The Owl Dream played out at Taberna
Dream of Tsunami and White Owl
Stalked by Bear

Pope Dream

White Lotus


Dreaming Life and TimeLoops
Jumping Time Loops

Rose by Any Other Name
A month after this dream I unexpectedly moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico where I rented a room from Rose who I met accidently on Craigslist

The Last Six Months in SF

Happy Birthday Larry

Michael Skelligg and the Rose Line


Crack in the Cosmic Egg

Wave or Particle

Can You Walk this Walk

The Heart Energy Field

Why I Like SNL

Great Quotes

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