Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tsunami of Sound

Connecting to Spirit and Source - Sound and music can also be used as an avenue to connect us to the higher energies of what many call Spirit, Source, or God. Even if you already know how to connect to Spirit, the right sounds and music can enhance that connection and make it even stronger. Certain frequencies might do it, but more commonly certain sounds (timbres) or certain passages in a song (musical intervals and rhythms) do it more often. You can also do this energetically with intention. When you get all 4 levels of frequency, timbres, music and energy going in tandem whole worlds of unfathomable healing power and levels of consciousness that we have never imagined can open before us.
Spiritual Healing, Awakening, and Reconnection Sound and music have been used since the beginning of time in cultures all over the world to help bring us into a state of Spiritual healing, harmony and awakening.
Emotional Healing and Release Many in the field of healing believe that stuck emotions account for as much as 50% of the issues and diseases we manifest (the environment being another large part). We already know how powerful music can be to transform our emotions. Sound and music and can be used to release these stuck emotions and deep emotional issues.

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