Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Dream of the Tsunami and White Owl

It's been quite awhile since I had this dream.  Last Spring? 
I am in a upscale restaurant with large windows.  Most of the staff are around the age of 30.   People are calmly eating when a tsunami rushes in breaking the glass of the windows.  Everyone keeps eating, not noticing the event.  However, it washes a handful of the staff out into the ocean.  After the water calms they are standing on a rock, "buckling up".
Someone gives me a White Owls Wing with a magnificent "eye" at the shoulder.  I'm told to feed the staff from the wing.  I refuse.  It's too beautiful and powerful to pull apart.  I'm ordered to do it.
Recently I got a job as Hostess at LaBoca, a Spanish restaurant in Santa Fe.  A very nice place with young staff.  On top of the building is an owl.
There are people who work with me who have had the tsunami dream and I'm meeting people all the time who are also.

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