Monday, April 14, 2014

Tom Kenyon Sound Healer

The World Meditation          This Tree of Life meditation will begin at 5:30 pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time on May 31st. The energetic will be introduced over a thirty minute period and will end at 6 pm, Eastern Daylight Savings Time, but the energetic wave of this mediation will continue for twenty-four and a half hours, ending at 6 pm, Eastern Daylight Savings Time on June 1st.                                    

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  1. Sound healing is a process of alleviation pain and healing from various illnesses like Allergy, Epilepsy and influenza. All the parts of body including the smallest tissue vibrate at certain frequency. But every illness produces its own specific frequency. By measuring these frequencies accurately and listening to the converse sound frequencies the part affected by illness can be restored. In this way your harmony of the body can be maintained.