Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Heart Energy Field

The Body's Heart Energy FieldTo get an idea of the kind of guest experience that can be created you need to know a little of what science has discovered about the human heart and its electromagnetic field. By applying this knowledge you can create a guest experience of a completely different nature. If you have a family, you should apply it at home as it creates a very loving and caring spirit there.

A guiding principle of hotel training is the obsolete belief that conscious awareness originates in the brain alone. As a result, training methods and systems focus on training staff to carry out SOPs expertly as it is believed that this will create optimal performance and happiness in the guests. But recent scientific research has shown that the heart plays a particularly significant role in the process of conscious awareness. ...

Science now understands that the heart is a highly complex system with its own functional "brain". Research in the new field of neurocardiology shows that the heart is a sensory organ and a complex center for receiving, processing, and sending out information through neurals as well as in the form of electromagnetic energy. The nervous system within the heart (or "heart brain") enables it to learn, remember, and make functional decisions independent of the brain's cerebral cortex. In addition to the extensive neural communication network linking the heart with the brain and body, the heart also communicates information to the brain and throughout the body via electromagnetic field interactions as well as beyond it.

The heart produces an electromagnetic field that can be detected several feet from the individual. It is an energy field that extends around the body and can be seen with the eye with practice. People feel the electromagnetic energy vibrations given out by people consciously or unconsciously, and this fact is very important when creating the guest experience. The electromagnetic field of a person who exudes love, care, warmth, and compassion, for example, gives out high frequency vibrations while staff who are just doing their job of carrying out SOPs will give out low frequency energy. Low frequency vibrations do not make the guest experience feel special at all while high frequency vibrations do.

A left brain approach to training will create low frequency energy. The processes involved in creating the typical chain hotel SOP-Customer satisfaction create low frequency energy. The "heart brain" of the guests will register this low frequency energy, and the guest experience will be perceived in line with the heart's processing of the energy received. The same happens if the staff member's energy field is sending out high frequency energy, which creates good feelings in the guests. Fortunately, the frequency of the vibrations can be changed according to the focus of the training.

The heart generates the body's most powerful and most extensive rhythmic electromagnetic field. Compared to the electromagnetic field produced by the brain, the electrical component of the heart's field is about 60 times greater in amplitude, and permeates every cell in the body.
The magnetic component is approximately 5,000 times stronger than the brain's magnetic field and can be detected several feet away from the body with sensitive magnetometers.

Research shows that information about a person's emotional and spiritual condition is communicated throughout and outside the body via the heart's electromagnetic field. The rhythmic beating patterns of the heart change significantly as we experience different emotions and become stronger in spiritual values, such as love and compassion. Negative emotions, such as anger, boredom, unhappiness, or frustration, are associated with an erratic, disordered, incoherent pattern in the heart's rhythms. In contrast, positive emotions, such as love or genuine heartwarming care, are associated with a smooth, ordered, coherent pattern in the heart's rhythmic activity. In turn, these changes in the heart's beating patterns create corresponding changes in the structure of the electromagnetic field radiated by the heart. The more you develop the spiritual values of hospitality in the staff, the more the electromagnetic field will give out the kind of energy that makes the guests feel happy.

Most people think of social communication solely in terms of signals expressed through language, voice qualities, gestures, facial expressions, and body movements. However, there is now evidence that a subtle yet influential electromagnetic or "energetic" communication system operates just below our conscious awareness. Energetic interactions contribute to the "magnetic" attractions or repulsions that occur between individuals, and also affect social exchanges and relationships. Moreover, it appears that the heart's field plays an important role in communicating physiological, psychological, and social information between individuals.

Experiments have found remarkable evidence that the heart's electromagnetic field can transmit information between people. Scientists have been able to measure an exchange of heart energy between individuals up to five feet apart. They have also found that one person's brain waves can actually synchronize to another person's heart. Furthermore, when an individual is generating a coherent heart rhythm, synchronization between that person's brain waves and another person's heartbeat is more likely to occur. These findings have intriguing implications, suggesting that individuals in what is called a psychophysiologically coherent state become more aware of the information encoded in the heart fields of those around them.

The results of these experiments have led scientists to infer that the nervous system acts as an "antenna," which is tuned to and responds to the electromagnetic fields produced by the hearts of other individuals. Scientists believe this capacity for exchange of energetic information is an innate ability that heightens awareness and mediates important aspects of true empathy and sensitivity to others. Furthermore, it has been shown that this energetic communication ability can be intentionally enhanced, producing a much deeper level of nonverbal communication, understanding, and connection between people. Can you see the implications here for the hospitality industry? It also completely invalidates the current concept of 7-stars.
These discoveries, which are really little more that confirmation of some Chinese traditions and techniques, should have every corporate office member leaping up and down with joy, ..."

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