Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jumping Off the Cliff Without a Parachute

Someone asked me what jumping off a cliff meant. I can't remember if I heard this or made it up. Something I read in Castaneda. Making a irrational leap of faith expecting a rational conclusion. I made that Jump last Spring and am about ready to land. I went around to everyone releasing my Karma. The Dreams said that if I did that then I would be called to duty.

I ended up with my Mother...the Source, of Course.
I hot tub while watching the birds she feeds in the winter. Now I'm working on her garden. We've got a routine of watching
"Two and a Half Men, House and Idol". Then I got her watching "The Office". She's off to bed early and I have a G&T and then listen to KSUT. They had Nneka on the other night. She is great!

Mom drives me crazy because she treats me like I'm a kid, but it is a safe place to hang out while I work through all this weird stuff. I keep having bouts of not recognizing myself. I mean a part of me does. Maybe 10%, but the rest I don't remember. Not my life. Not even this planet. I was shown my True Self and the face had white skin, green lips and a Kokopelli hairdo.

The Dreams are reassuring though. I have a piece of rose quartz the size of a house hovering above my head. UFOs are leaving messages in my dream sky. They also showed that the
Great Mother is fading and there is a transfer of Essence. The Dreams say this will all be over in 6 days...I'm thinking that means June. Then it will be a year...a complete cycle.


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