Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dancing in the Streets

The term "Hathor" is actually a Greek term. The Egyptian term for this goddess is "Heru." The Hathors were a group of interdimensional, intergalactic beings, who actually predate Egypt by millennia. But when they actually started working in Egypt, they worked through the Hathor priestess cult. The Hathor goddess became associated with fertility and sex, ecstasy and bliss. When the Coptic Christians came into Egypt, they defaced the figures of Hathor. They thought it was blasphemous. They didn't understand how sexuality, ecstasy and bliss were connected to "God." That was not in their understanding. So you find that in Egypt a lot of the figures of Hathor were defaced off the pillars and columns.

The Hathors' contribution to Egypt was within that early formative period of the Hathor goddess cult. We call it a cult, but it was a major religious stream at the time. What they were working with was the balancing of the masculine and feminine principles, but the inner teaching of what they were about was the archetype of the sun and the moon, the sun being the masculine principle and the moon being the feminine principle. When those two are brought into balance within our own bodies, we are balancing the electric (male) principle and the magnetic (female) principle. So you have a balancing of electromagnetics. It has nothing to do with sexuality; it has to do with subtle energies within the nervous system.

They are specifically here to balance the masculine and feminine principles by holding a harmonic. The Hathors work with people through vocal sounds. What happens when the Hathors' energy comes through a voice, is that it sets up a field, and those who are in the field, meaning in the room, experience a very powerful, catalytic effect. The energy field that is created around my body can be felt by others, whether they are into the belief system of it or not. It is a physical sensation. A powerful experience with the sound.
The Hathors say that sound is the primordial basis of all creation; that we are standing wave patterns of energy; that we are complex harmonics. We already know this. We look solid, but from another frequency, we look like luminous eggs or orbs of light with filaments of light through our auric field. This aura emits sounds.
Mick and Bowie Dancing in the Street

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