Monday, April 24, 2017

Well, THAT was Interesting!

.......Or "Postcards from the Void".

I worked with the music from the Midnight Special to point me in the direction of Home, and am listening to it now.  From this "moment" it serves as a trigger/connection to another Time/Space which adds depth and energy to THIS moment.  It reminds my Self that I am headed home.  I thought I was home, returning to the small New Mexico town that I have spent the most time in.  This 7,000 population mix of Native, Spanish, Cowboy, Californians and a bit more checks all the boxes for me.  Family. Location.  Along a river.  You can be in Durango, Colorado for breakfast then a day of climbing ruins at Mesa Verde.
Or go to Santa Fe for lunch and spend the afternoon in world class art galleries coming back late with a stunning view of stars since there is no ambient light.
Hot Tubbing at Pagosa is just a skip and a jump away. Magical to sit in a light snow.
The BEST thing for me living here is the Aztec Ruins radiating calming Vibes.  It's a 10 minute walk over the river bridge.   In the summer you can go down into the kiva and chill.  There is a button to play flute music that bounces off the round walls creating a vortex.  I can't imagine an night of drumming  there with firelight.
At this time I am waiting to hear if I get the spot to live on the grounds,  The Kiva would be right outside my door.  I can take my coffee over in the morning before the National Park opens up and watch the sunrise over the river.  A summer of that and who knows where I'll float off to!  LOL
The Deal is, through a series of odd coincidences I "am at the Top o' the List" to trade volunteering for the Park Service in exchange for free RV rent.  I'd been planning on volunteering this summer anyway
I had thought I would just stay where I was, a shabby chic cottage conveniently located and tucked in and private.  Every few days a small herd of deer would wander through my yard and the cats would go out and stalk them.  I lived in one of these cottages when I worked across the street at the HiWay Grill as kitchen manager when 911 struck.  I can remember walking past the tv in the bar  and coming to the same conclusion that I do now.  Last September I moved into the larger cottage on the end....the third time on this property.  Cheap and tiny while you are waiting to do something else and now recently remodeled.. so snug as a bug.
Once I was in the last cottage I realized it was part and END of several Dream Sequence over at least 20 years.  EVERYTHING fell into place.  It ALL makes sense now.
Which blessed and cursed my life.  I know NOW that I had been sending myself messages through Music Time Loops.  Telling myself to just hang in there.  I freaked my younger self out a lot!  LOL
I looked like a crazy person most of the time because I was factoring this Wild Card that was too vague to explain but I could FEEL it.  The Dreams drove me forward.  And the ALL came true....or are coming true.  :-)  People are lining up.  It's as if a great spiderweb has been woven and someone is about to pull the strings together.

So I was living in this cute cottage full of plants.  During that time EVERYONE who I ever had an issue with or need to reconnect with came into my life.  It was an emotionally draining few years.  I'm exhausted.  But I can't think of anyone I haven't "dealt with" and am at peace.  Things got creative.  I made a bunch of necklaces and did some odd geometric art.  Organized my studio.  Walked to the River in the morning and Safeway.  I expected to be there for awhile.
Then I had a Dream of Grandmother Spider waking up.  And I started getting spiders which normally do not bother me.  I'm not a girly-girl about critters, but these were Brown Recluse Spiders.  Which is about the only thing I'm afraid of.  LOL!  OMG!  I don't use bug spray.  I find that if you leave them alone or gently move them to the garden it's all good.  I even chided myself.  "Ye of so little Faith".  But I decided I'm not a superhero so they sprayed and the spiders kept coming.    Google Brown Recluse Spider bite and then decide if I over reacted!  LOL
I gave my notice and out of the blue a friend offered to sell me their 30 year old RV.
Ever since I found out about Gypsy Wagons at 5 I knew I wanted a house on wheels.  I don't mind that it is old because then I don't feel bad about "transforming" it.  :-).  Plus it won't take me long to pay it off.  I expect to spend my winter parked on some beach.
However, in the mean time, I'm waiting in the RV in my friend's lot along the highway, waiting the next couple weeks to hear if I move to the Ruins.  Too much traffic right outside so I'm cocooning.  Learning the ways of simplified living.  Now I AM a girly-girl about how I look so this experience is breaking down some "issues".  LOL  I decided to go with the flow and treat this as a spiritual retreat.  A cross between a shaman's cave and Captain Janeway in Star Trek.  I got a bit of attitude.
  Had dreams of OZ
I'm coming out of a week of oblivion with some pure DAB and music therapy.   Imagine releasing tension with the Thunder.
Followed by crickets.

Then some of the drumming and now the music from "Midnight Special".  Follow the melody to Home.
 It's all left me in the Void.  I'm neither here nor there.  All this MumboJumbo has left me considerably disassociated.  There is nothing familiar to grasp.  I've pissed off all my friends!  Open the door and I'm greeted by rush hour traffic.   It helped considerably to get wifi while I wait out the next couple of weeks.
I "float" in the Endless Void on this "raft".   It's actually an alchemy symbol for the sun which applies.  It's also the Dream Symbol that I've been following.   Which it seems has led me to the Aztec Ruins Kiva :AKA Oz.
But for now the symbol represents me sitting on a raft in an endless Ocean of Possibilities while all the visualizing and energy work draws in what works best.
The Outside Ring represents my Sovereignty.  ALL that I "place" inside this circle is protected by the Four ArchAngels I call in to guard the place.  The Inner Circle is my Evolving Self in a State of Observation.  At least that is the Goal.  I slide off and get back on.
It just feels that there is so much at stake and it's best to let Spirit bring forth the Best IT can.  My Ego has already suggested my preferences.  And I've found that by establishing a Ring of Protection it won't allow some people in even though I try to give them a PASS.  If their intent towards me is not in my best interest they CAN'T seem to stick to me like glue  LOL
There are also way too many coincidences floating around and it gives me the feeling that there is an Agenda that I've agreed to which for now I can't remember so I'm going to sit on my Symbol and wait for things to present themselves.

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