Saturday, July 30, 2016

An Experiment

Since I watched the movie "Midnight Express" I've used it as a technique for "Shifting" and it's quite powerful.  So this is the experiment I'm working with.
First I declare Sovereign Space.  This can be as simple as using a rug.  You don't have to sit on it but use it as a symbol of complete safety within that space.  For me it's a small square of space in my garden that I've marked out with solar lights from Walmart.  It doesn't matter the size.  It used to be a dot inside a circle drawn on a post it note stuck to my fridge.
I suggest seeing the movie but even watching the trailer would get the mood going.  The concept is to use the child's journey Home as a symbol for your own Inner Child going Home.
Print out a Mandala design from Google images or buy a Mandala Coloring Book.  Here is one suggestion:  .  Choose a design that has the eight points as this is a powerful image.  Or draw your own.  I made a simple square quilt graphic of sacred geometry.   It can be any shape really.  What you are doing is to listen to the music while coloring your graphic.  This occupies one side of the brain while taking the other side on a symbolic trip.  After playing with this idea for awhile the music alone can be used as a "trigger" to "move Home",
After I use this to get into a mood then I will do something that expresses ME.  Sometimes it is going for a walk, continue doing art, cooking, listening to your favorite music.  What represents HOME to you.  It's not always the same thing each time.

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