Thursday, May 12, 2016

Tom Kenyon on Destablization

I've been following Tom Kenyon's site for several years.  You would have to go through his website to really understand where he is coming from.  His music is very powerful and he is very protective of it so I'm not going to copy/paste but it's all on his site.  I'm never sure how I feel about his Hathor Channelings.  This last one, how can you dispute it?

I come from a Christian Science background and led a fairly isolated life as a child, with no social media, in fact, it was pre-TV if you can believe it.  LOL  My paradigm was that your Mind Created Your Reality and it was a shock to go to school at 6 and find out that that was not everyone's Reality.  But by 6 those concepts were ingrained and I can't operate without them.

As sick people came to my Grandmother for healings, we all just assumed that was the way of the world as we waved them good by, now healed.  For a long time I just could not wrap my head around how she did it.  Her explanation was that you ONLY "see" the Healed Person as God intended.  And it works every time.....IF that is what the person truly wants.  Not everyone does.

While normally I follow those guidelines, recently this business of the radiation coming off of Japan is beyond my comprehension.  It just seems such a huge problem that will last thousands of years.  I skim the politics of the US and am appalled at the callous stupidity of such a large chunk of our population and I see Tom's essay on Destabilization overlaying perfectly with our nightly news.    It's so sad and embarrassing.

The online Powwows are my way of dealing.  There are other things going on that are following major long term dreams that suggest an alternative reality that works with the music of the powwows.  When I Powwow I am NOT HERE and where I am is anchoring an alternative vibration.  Or not.  Who really knows??   No one is giving me an instruction manual or a gold star for accomplishing anything.  I just listen to my heart and proceed.  To me it FEELS like I now live in a little pocket of Reality that is unique that is building form and starting to influence the area around me.  Some people can feel the energy that is piggybacking on the music.  And I CAN FEEL YOU!  :-)  And  for some reason I just "know" that if you can't consciously feel it the energy is flowing to you anyway.

So I'm going to keep doing Powwows and probably more often.  I'm sticking with Pirate Radio out of Farmington, New Mexico because while I do not always have a net connection I get that station on my radio.  I choose a Classic Rock Station because it helps me create a Time Loop to a time where I wasn't so adult and jaded nor was society.   1965 I was 13.

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