Saturday, February 28, 2015

Tina Fey Comes to Santa Fe

The Buzz at LaBoca where I work is that Tina Fey comes in for lunch while she is here filming a movie.  Seeing "Stars" in Santa Fe is not that unusual.   Many  live here and it is  after all a tourist town and movies are filmed here.  Sam Shepard pops in quite often.
As I don't have cable or wifi where  I live my entertainment comes from movies I get from the library.  He seems to be popping up in my selections these days and it is always a trip to come to work and see him at the bar.  His privacy is respected.  He chats a bit with the bartender and quietly smiles at the whispers behind him as the other diners realize who he is.  The Man does have presence.

But Tina is on my "Top Ten".  I haven't met her yet but I'm wondering if I can keep my composure.
 David Bryne has been seen this also. 
We are all excited about the Wave of musicians coming in.  The Tsunami Wave.  We feel it coming.

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