Friday, January 10, 2014

Activate the Pineal Glad With Sunlight

Activating your pineal gland and developing it further will allow you to exercise your 3rd eye and thus strengthen your psychic ability. Like any part of your body, once you understand how it works, you can help to maintain it so that it remains healthy. Just the same way our brains will develop if we use them more often, the same is true for our pineal glands. Many experts have shown that those who work on developing their pineal glands also help to enlarge it in a positive way. As with all exercise and development, practice is key here. The more you can do to develop your pineal gland or activate your pineal gland, the more chance you have of reaching the desired end state of a fully functioning healthy pineal gland.
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The Pineal Gland
Its shape resembles a tiny pine cone
The pine cone staff of Osiris.  1224 BC.
Numerous spiritual philosophies contain the notion of an inner Third Eye that is related to the Ajna chakra and also the pineal gland, and to which is attributed significance in mystical awakening or enlightenment, clairvoyant perception, and higher states of consciousness. This idea occurs historically in ancient central and east Asia, and also in contemporary occult theories relating to yoga, Theosophy, Pagan religions, and New Age spiritual philosophies.
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Pineal and Electromagnetic Fields

The Fluorine Calcifies the Pineal Gland
(as in our drinking water)

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