Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dogon Mythology


In The Master of Speech, Shannon Dorey reveals that the Dogon religion is the base religion from which all other world mythologies including Christianity have emanated. Dorey believes Dogon mythology is the oldest mythology in existence.
 They were identified with the goddess in world mythology and were symbolized by the sun. Because they were also self fertilizing, they were identified as virgin goddesses.

The virgin goddess was a notable theme in Greek mythology and the virgin birth can be attributed to both the self-fertilizing Nummo and their ability to perform biological engineering. The Nummo were identified with Athena in Greek mythology and Neith and Isis in Egyptian mythology. 

 Dorey shows how the spiritual Nummo were identified with the serpent in the Bible, who advised Eve to eat the apple from the tree of knowledge. Once Eve ate the apple she became knowledgeable but lost her immortality.

The symbol of the fish has always been identified with Christianity. In Dogon mythology it was the DNA of the Master of Speech that was supposed to provide hope for humanity. This hermaphroditic being was half fish and half human. This figure was eventually turned into a male and identified with Jesus Christ by later male dominated societies. In the bible Jesus was seen walking on water and on the Pope's ring is a hall of fishes. In the mythology, the androgynous Master of Speech was sacrificed so that humans would eventually evolve into immortal beings.

The Nommos were more fishlike than human, and had to live in water. They were saviors and spiritual guardians:
 The Dogon say their astronomical knowledge was given to them by the Nommos, amphibious beings sent to earth from Sirius for the benefit of mankind.
 At the center of their religious teachings is knowledge about a star that is invisible to the eye and so difficult to observe (even through a telescope) that no photographs were taken of it until 1970. The Dogon say they received their knowledge by visitors to the earth from another star system.

The star they describe is Sirius B. Its existence was first suspected by Western astronomers in 1844.
As Temple read Graiule's material on the Dogon, he found that their mythology traced their origins back to the Nommo, the human-fish creatures from their creation myths. Temple related these creatures to Oannes of Sumerian mythology who was also a half-fish, half-human creature who brought civilization to an ancient people.

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