Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Friend is now a Ghost and came to say Goodbye

This past couple of weeks I have just been flooded with memories of my friend Richard. Then there were the little "pats" on my legs while trying to go to sleep. Finally thought to look him up on Google.
He had passed a month before. I hadn't seen him in 10 years. I was surprised by all the times he was mentioned...
"eccentric millionaire".

I first knew about him when I read an article in Inc. Magazine about 20 years ago. He was one crazy Dude, blowing up buildings in college and stuff to protest the war in VietNam... Friends with Gates, Kemp and the guy who ran Chryslar. My family thought he was my "special invisible friend" until one day when he sent his banker to my work to see if I needed a loan. What banker chases down waitresses?

I was going to write him a letter when I first read about him, but we traveled in different circles. I was a poor single mom at the time. 10 years later I met him while walking the track in my hometown. He had moved there when he had bought a small baseball team. We spent the summer walking circles while he told me stories.
One of his best was of his friend who bet $1000 that he could get arrested in 24 hours.The next day they had to bail him out of jail. To win, the guy had dropped $10,000 worth of $20s from the top of his hotel at noon. He got arrested for littering and inciting a riot.

So Richard came back in a big way last night. I guess since I had figured out what was going on he thought he could take it to the next level.
Cute Richard.
Now...Go into the Light.

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