Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The Dreams have been intense again...

For about a month before I left I was having dreams of 3s. Then after I arrived I had this dream:
There were three banana shapes made out of webs. Then they came together to form a globe of web, the top part still under construction.
When I saw this crop circle it made me thing of this globe if seen from above.

Several nights were of going in circles. At each "quarter" was an oval dome. It was as if it had a clear shell and encased blobs of colored "stuff". Each time the colors/shapes/amounts changed.
Later in meditation when I asked what this represented it was explained that they were sort of the brains of elementals of the four directions. The brains changed because each circuit brought new information and they were evolving. The brains were connected to a web that then transmitted this new information. And the web was sort of explained to be the roots of the World Tree.

I've gone to the ocean with a friend. But it is presented as a graph. There is a long beach. Then a section of light blue waves with sunshine. Then the waves become darker and darker, creating the perfect storm. If the "beach" represented the length of the country, then the friend stood about the same place as where he lives. I took it to mean that while the economy looks calm and sunny, there are black waves coming in right behind.

There is a boy with very white skin and very black hair. He collapses. I'm shown that where he hit his head blood is collecting under the skin. Later that day we heard that Michael Jackson had died.

I'm working on a project with groups of people. I'm traveling down an enclosed brick path. There are windows to the right and rooms, one after another to the left. Each has an ongoing project with busy people. The path sort of meanders.
Finally I get to the end of the path and to the door. I say good by to everyone. There is celebration. I leave while they tie up loose ends. Out the door is a large, sloping lawn of brown grass. I've been so busy that I haven't had time to take care of it. It is sunset and at the end of the lawn I see a towtruck taking my daughter's car. I'm mad and go to get the guard dog to confront this guy. The dog is wrapped in rusted chains. All that is showing are his paws and nose. I unwind him and we march down the hill.
There are a group of mafia bodyguard types in suits. But their faces are black whisps of smoke. I demand to know who is in charge and the body guards drift apart revealing a husky mafia boss kind of guy sitting in a chair. Evil, arrogant.
I scream "Give my daughter's car back!!" as I stare into his odd yellow eyes. I sense that he can't look me in the eye and turns his head with fake bravery. I realize that I am the more powerful one here so I continue "And return ALL my children's cars...with an apology!!!" as there is an unending row of towtrucks hauling off cars.

Two nights ago:
I have to leave my house. A man and a child are helping travel to my new one. I don't see their bodies but get a sense of them. The man says that he knows an old lady who might let us sleep on her floor rather than sleep outside while we make this journey.
The foyer is large with a grand staircase and there is a long, curving display case lit up with little villages inside. They weren't made but "evolved" and must be very old as they were covered in moss.
We have to wait at the door for the woman to notice us. She has to check us out before we can come in. She asks all sorts of questions to see if we are worthy. I expected a living room but it is a disjointed space. I notice old cafe bar stools...and then I realize that everything is white...bright, glowing white light.
Then the woman says "Go ask your son" and I go thru a door to a blackened room where a young man is leaning on a bed sobbing...tho all I can see is his back...which is sort of spotlighted from above. I touch his shoulder. His skin is pale and very soft. His back was thin and lean, much smaller than either of my boys. There is a scar at his waiste to the side.
I ask "What is the matter?" somewhat hysterically.
He turns and throws himself into my arms. I can FEEL him as I wrap my arms around him but I still can't see a face. He sobs "Oh Mom! My child has fallen..." and then it is as if someone turned off a switch and everything was cut off.
And even tho it was 2am I called my sons to see if they were OK, which they were.

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